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Compete for your share of over $5, in cash and prizes. Join for free, no purchase necessary! The PremiereTrade challenge is a simulated forex trading contest. Trading Challenge Terms Overview. Please note that the first place grand prize winner of this competition may be required to share the following information for promotional purposes: personal details such as name and age, photograph and information about his/her trading strategy and history. Challenge II will be over soon and we'll start new Challenge 3 with new settings and robots. The Challenge II highest equity was $11, which means we could double the deposit on the moderate risk. Last weeks Challenge account was not doing well so I will stop old setup.

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For the last 5 years Forex challenge have tested and reviewed over three hundred different automated forex systems. Some of them were really good, some were pure crap. The main question was - can these systems over perform manual trading and skyrocket the small deposit to huge profits on full autopilot? I have cherry picked the best performing robots from over commercial systems and placed them on my Iamfx.

I will be publishing my results in real time so you can see and follow my progress! Don't forget to check out this page from time to time and follow my newsletters to see if Forex challenge fail or succeed in accomplishing the goal!

Make sure that you subscribed to my newsletter to follow my progress. I will be posting my parameters and settings in my email updates and next newsletters every month! The forex challenge is on the left side of my site under menu with free EA collection, forex challenge.

Don't miss out! How is it that you were doing so well in the first 4 weeks and then suddenly crashed? I appreciate that you are using aggressive settings, but what is the reason for the sudden reversal of fortune?

The robots are supposed to cope with markets trading in both directions. I would really appreciate your insight on this. Learn on my "mistakes". My USD account first quadrupled at some point equity reached 20k however after 2 bad weeks it returned back to the starting balance.

I was not crazy when I used super high risk at the beginning. I am a trader with well over 10 years of experience. The idea was to show you what robots are capable of. What did I prove? It is truth and it is doable. It can be achieved forex challenge the best commercial robots in only 3 weeks of trading! FACT2: Can you quadruple your deposit every 3 weeks? You can't!

Even the best commercial robots can have bad weeks. There is no such thing as "robot that can work with forex challenge market conditions". Forget the marketing hype! Face the ugly truth. All systems work better in specific conditions. FACT3: Bad weeks or even months are the normal part of Forex trading experience and should forex challenge expected.

There is no crystal ball otherwise we all can become millionaires in just 3 months, forex challenge. FACT4: You need to decide if you are an aggressive trader or conservative trader. Aggressive trader like me triples deposit in just 3 weeks, then withdraws the earnings and plays on "casino" money.

If you are a conservative trader - set you lot size 0. FACT5: Invest only what you can afford to lose. These words are as old as the world. However people forget them and rush into trading hot headed before they understand the risk. FACT6: Does this all mean commercial robots are bad?

No it does not, forex challenge. It does not really matter if you trade commercial robot, free EA or manual system.

You will always fail. You will always have bad weeks. You have got to have strong guts to be on forex. There is no such thing as "consistent winning". You must be prepared to take the risk. No pain - no gain, forex challenge. The bottom line is - I still love all these robots and will proceed trading no matter if I encounter bad weeks. Its time for you to decided if you are an forex challenge trader or conservative trader and follow the rules, forex challenge.

Aggressive trade can blow his account in just few days and must be prepared to face it. Aggressive trade can reach 20k from 5K in 3 weeks. EB-Turbo robot has blown our account having 2 bad weeks in a row.

This robot will not be used on the next Challenge that I am going to start next week. Check out later for updates. Here is the Challenge1 summary image.

Thanks to John R. I will be adding robots from FRWC forex challenge. Last week was tough. Finally we are out of drawdown and doing good again. Hey guys! I have added the comments section below. Now you can leave your comments and questions there. This week we are doing great again! Robominer is removed today, forex challenge.

It can't cope with the strange strong uptrend on AunNzd and keeps opening hanging trades which will hang forever. Challenge II will be over soon and we'll start new Challenge 3 with new settings and robots. Last weeks Challenge account was not doing well so I will stop old setup.

Forex challenge does not mean that robots are bad, forex challenge, I just need to upgrade all of them such as Hirider advanced, Fapturbo50 etc, forex challenge. I was using old versions. Happy Easter, folks! I had to get rid of under-performing robots such as Juggernaut and Nuke.

Let the challenge begin! We made Most of the trades were made by Fapturbo 50 and Hirider advanced. Sometimes you can see my metatrader statement is blank. It is not my fault. It is just a simple MT4 publishing glitch that happens from time forex challenge time. Sorry about that guys, forex challenge. Charles Floyd from Fapwinner remember, I made an interview with him last year liked the idea of my million dollar challenge and decided to start his own challenge.

You can follow it on his blog here: Charles' Challenge Blog - he is already in profit after first 2 weeks!! You can follow each trade. Account tripled. I plan to add GPS robot soon. It works really good. Sorry guys, sometimes publishing does not work properly and you see blank statement. I will try to fix it. Promise me not to spread it! Request Review If you have found a new robot and want us to write a review please write the robot title and click request a review.

Mark Larsen here, your forex trading friend! January, 9, The great Challenge begins! Everything is ready, robots are installed, forex challenge. They all trade one account with different magic numbers so there is no conflict.

I know that I use high risk here because the goal of the challenge is to reach 1 Million as soon as possible. Not a bad start, hah!

January 21, Wow what a week! Lets keep rocking guys! January 25, Last week the account was doubled! I have sent my settings to my subscribers, forex challenge. So far so good! January 29, Week 4 is over and our balances has reached 16K which means it tripled!


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Compete for your share of over $5, in cash and prizes. Join for free, no purchase necessary! The PremiereTrade challenge is a simulated forex trading contest. Jul 12,  · Day Forex Challenge $1k to $1M. Trading Systems. FireXForex UTC #1. Dear friends, In this forum we have the other topic for FREE Signals, all of our service is completely free of charge. We are researchers at USTC university in field of Financial Engineering PhD. Forex Demo Contest held among Demo Accounts, same facilities for all participants. Forex Demo Competition is a risk-free way to try your Trading skills and strategy while competing for prizes! Cash or tradable money or gifts are distributed as prizes for the winners of Forex Demo Contest - .